Thank you for visiting my personal Independent Associate Web Site.Adding Isagenix in 2007 to my routine of healthy eating and exercise finally gave my body the nutrition it was missing and has kept me at my ideal weight. My energy, flexibility and core strength have continued to improve. I'm able to do the activities I love. The Healthy Aging and Telomere Support System is my favorite pack. Nutritional cleansing is truly the missing link. Let Isagenix take your health to a new level.

Arlene Wisser
Sarasota, Florida

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Thank you for visiting my personal Independent Associate Web Site.

Before Isagenix, in 2007, I had brain fog, lacked energy and overall strength.

Then September 2007, I met a family friend that I had not seen for years. He was so fit. I was impressed with his before after photos and did not hesitate to sign up for the 30 day Cleanse & Fat Burning System that he had been using for a year. After a few days into the system I knew something was happening. I found my body really liking the dense nutrition it was getting and better yet I soon found out that nutritional cleansing was the missing link. I released the weight and inches that needed to go and experienced a huge increase in energy. It was incredible. 

Iam in my 11th year of fueling by body with our remarkable nutrition. I feel better than I did 20 years ago.  My skin is better than ever, I sleep really well and my body just keeps improving. When I finish one 16 week IsaBody Challenge, I start a new one because they keep me on a path that takes my health to the next level. After working with a personal trainer this summer, my strength has improved more and my body composition has improved with an increase in muscle mass. It feels good to be able to play more golf, walk the course and still have energy for the rest of the day.  

The Healthy Aging and Telomere Support System is the base to my nutritional regiment. While I enjoy most of our products, some favorites are the IsaLean shakes and bars, Ionix Supreme, IsaDelights, Isa Greens, e+shots and the Rejuvity Skincare line. 

I am passionate about sharing the gift of Isagenix with those looking for solutions to health and financial goals. I believe in the products, the company, the people and the business model. Healthy Aging is possible and age is just a number.

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